Mittwoch, 9. November 2011

Macarons reloaded

"Manger des macarons en soupirant dans les fleurs"
(Miss Pandora)

Die Macarons sind mal wieder aus der "Götterspeise", und mit dem Vintage-Filter meines Handys knallen sie so richtig schön. Schmecken natürlich göttlich! Das Zitat stammt aus einem meiner Lieblings-Blogs. Leider bin ich mir nicht ganz sicher, was es übersetzt heißt, aber wenn ihr es wisst, teilt es mir mit!

Once again eating macarons from "Götterspeise", a shop in Munich where you can buy the best macarons in town (according to me, your macaron-specialist Frl. Müller) and some fine chocolat. The french qoute is from one of my favorite blogs and I thought it fits very well with the picture. Not quite sure what it means but must be someting like "eating macarons while chilling between flowers". If you know what it means, just tell me! :)


  1. Macarons are all I would eat if it were possible. Yet another con of living in the US. There aren't enough shops that offer macarons. At all. Goshdarnit.

  2. Haha :) I guess if I would live in the states all I would eat were Reeses peanut buttercups! But you got me thinking about opening a macaron shop in the states ... maybe a new business plan!

  3. Mh, lecker. Macarons aus der Götterspeise sind köstlich: :D


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